We offer full service boat care from stem to stern, storage to mooring.  Our specialty is keeping your vessel in top condition and indoor secure storage at reasonable rates.




Outside Storage (October-May): $3/sq. ft. per season

Outside Storage (June-September): $0.25/sq. ft. per month

Inside Cold Storage (October-May): (LOA x beam) x $7 per sqft.

Inside Cold Storage (June-September):$0.50/sq.ft. per month

Heated Inside Storage: (LOA x beam) x $14 per sq.ft. per season




Finishes & Maintenance

We use the best, time-tested products and methods to keep your vessel in top form.  Please contact us to find out how we can help you keep your boat looking its best and a joy to use.

Contact us by phone or email: 1(207)505 0057 or




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